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“Alexa tell us about…

By April 23, 2018 No Comments

…the Involve client that won the 2018 Voice Challenge with Amazon Alexa”


When it comes to video, the Involve team knows a thing or two or ten. So that makes us extremely happy to report that our know-how combined with the skills of our client, resulted in FIS taking home top honors – winning Best Of Challenge in the 2018 Voice Challenge with Amazon Alexa.

The Challenge
Top innovators nationwide were invited to create new Amazon Alexa skills that explore what’s possible world of payments and commerce. The teams set out to solve consumer problems, remove friction from the marketplace and add value to the lives of their customers.  Alexa was freed from the isolated cylinder on the kitchen countertop and integrated into voice control devices such as; Echo, Echo Show, wearables, cars, and everyday smartphones.

The Winning Storyline
FIS’ winning entry revolved around something we’re almost all familiar with – getting a loan to buy a home. To be universally relatable, FIS took a process that can be stressful, especially for first-time buyers, and created a young couple Kim and Jeff to illustrate that it doesn’t have to be.

Our video couple demonstrates how the FIS MyBank Alexa skill uses clear and friendly conversational capabilities to help users navigate not only the home-buying process, but also other real-world challenges, such as credit card fraud. As our couple begins the mortgage loan approval process, Alexa gets a live banker on the line to help. As they’re driving to see the house, Alexa notifies Jeff of a potentially fraudulent charge on his credit card and instantly issues a new card to his digital wallet. It’s the banking relationship cloud-based. Allowing people to access solutions when they need them, in context. The competition’s judges especially liked that FIS MyBank Alexa leverages a conversation agent in a cloud-based ecosystem so it can serve users across platforms, locations and situations, from the kitchen to the car.

The Reaction
And, while we are thrilled beyond measure for this win, the Involve team is most rewarded by our client’s delight in working with us. Here’s what Douglas Brown, SVP and Group Executive of FIS Mobile had to say:

“Your team moved at agile speed with us, leveraged incredible creativity in the video production to connote our key points, and completed this gold medal performance on-time and on-budget. I hope we can partner on other opportunities in 2018.”

And from our Involve president Craig Lerner …
“Our team rises to the occasion when it comes to moving mountains! We jumped in to help with this fun tech project, knowing it had a tight turnaround, low budget, and the need for dubbing and editing to present the Alexa voice and visual technology. And, we have to thank our friends at Inline Productions for their help with all three. In fact, the production value looks two to three times its actual cost. To top it all off, our client won! I know it’s cliché, but truly when you win together it’s better.”

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