Moving Customers from Awareness to Action is Focus of New Agency

Agency veterans take on new marketing practice to focus on
brand activation.

Columbus, OH – Involve LLC, a new joint venture among Big Red Rooster,
Integrate and Craig Lerner has a name that says it all, involving customers in
their client’s brands to move them to action.

Involve leverages the combined experience and expertise of the
partnership to offer clients a dynamic approach to solving business
and marketing challenges.

The agency delivers on Brand Activation, offering strategic consult,
integrated communications and experiential marketing. Together with the
partnering agencies, Involve brings a continuum of business consultation
and creative service offerings that support every phase of a brand’s
life from research and consumer insights, to brand design, product
development, customer creation, environmental branding, public relations,
social marketing and retail design.

Lerner is serving as the agency’s managing partner and practice leader
with more than 25 years experience as an agency owner, agency director
and brand-side marketer.

“Involve is a way of thinking and a goal for strategic design,” said Craig
Lerner, managing partner. “Today, it’s not enough to have a great brand.
It has to live in the hearts and minds of your customers. Many agencies
talk about such lofty goals but then don’t back up the words with programs
that activate the brand. When you activate your brand to involve your
audience, you reach beyond simple awareness and engagement to
understanding and affinity. That’s when you convert engagement to action.
That’s where you build business and brand. Involve is about accelerating
action and affinity.”

For more information contact Craig Lerner by phone at 614.545.3464 or by
email at