Momentum Begins With a First Step.

Evolve your voice, coach key team members to excel in their roles, and discover your unique path to authentic and compelling leadership, inside and out.

In the Team Leadership Track, we focus on maximizing business performance by maximizing human performance. We coach your coaches, giving key leaders tools and tactics that can be implemented immediately and used for ongoing success. This track is designed to ignite fresh energy and align your organization, strengthening performance to get the most out of everyone on your team.

Four 90-minute small group leadership sessions across four key areas (live or by Zoom)

  • Week 1: Connection – Empowering the organization to connect with new ways of thinking, embrace the strength of your brand and business, and move forward with confidence.
  • Week 2: Surrender – Learning how to let go—or surrender—old ways of thinking and negative patterns in order to replace them with positive tools, actions and mentality for success.
  • Week 3: Transition – Putting new learning into practice and making it your own—so the entire team can smoothly transition into performing at their highest levels and living your brand.
  • Week 4: Resilience – Preparing for challenges and obstacles by equipping the team with effective tools for staying the course, focusing on strengths, and coming out ahead over time.

Coaching Tools and Tactics

  • Along with strengthening their own performance, your key leaders learn practical ways that they can promote your company’s culture, create an empowering environment, and inspire the best performance from everyone.

In the Brand Leadership Track, we work through your brand voice and activation, to re-discover and re-ignite the most powerful qualities of your brand, in human-centric terms for today’s audiences.

Workshop One | Examining your brand through the unique lens of Involve’s 3 H’s, creating a strong foundation of understanding and identifying opportunities for evolution

  • How Is Your Brand Helpful?
    – Who is your customer; what are their needs and desires; how have they evolved; how are you meeting them where they are?
  • How Is Your Brand Honest?
    – Re-identifying how you walk the walk; and if that’s consistent with your core values and mission.
    – How are you in the accountability department and how can your brand and business demonstrate more self-awareness?
  • How is Your Brand Human?
    – Transform and elevate how you connect with and lead your audiences.

Key Insights Document

  • We provide a summary of the information gathered from Workshop One, with key insights and strategic implications.

Statement of Purpose

  • A clear, reaffirmation of your brand voice, providing a foundation and direction for successful ongoing brand relationships and business growth.

Workshop Two | A revelation session with the Statement of Purpose serving as our foundation for Brand Activation

  • We facilitate and coach your team through the contemplation of activation concepts and broad strategies for evolving with confidence—demonstrating and earning your brand a leadership position in the new world.

You recognize that people—their beliefs, motivators and sensitivities—aren’t the same. Involve is the partner that can spark your evolution and re-emergence, both inside and out.