Transactions are momentary.

Relationships are enduring.

When you connect on a platform of shared values, you’re on common ground. Your brand secures a spot in your customers’ minds and hearts that transcends a sale. Even as wants, needs, and product offerings evolve, you remain relevant. And you don’t get left behind.

Customers build relationships with brands just like they do with people. So, like people, brands must be engaging, accountable, respectful, authentic and able to demonstrate gratitude. They must be human-driven.

Involve is your partner for creating experiences that authentically connect your brand to your audiences—both your consumers and your own team. We take you beyond casual contact to build relationships that are relevant, engaging and personal.  These are the connections that accelerate success and set the stage for a deeper, long-lasting and much more financially rewarding journey.

At Involve, we live and breathe our human-driven approach—and we have since our very beginning. It’s our focus as we relentlessly fight for the brand wellbeing, business impact, human performance, and measurable growth of your business.


We practice what we preach. We tackle our internal goals in the same way we tackle client projects. Instead of a rigid, one-size-fits-all process, we use a sophisticated, human-driven method that’s built on our unique, foundational perspective:

Mindful Choices

Everything we do begins, and continues with, mindful choices. We become more aware by taking time to understand objectives, challenges and opportunities—so we can clearly focus on the state of the brand and business. We explore possibilities, and make careful decisions based on the most positive outcomes for overall business success and brand wellness. This allows us to effectively work at today’s speed of business while deftly avoiding obstacles.

Meaningful Connections

Business thrives when people connect on a deeper, more engaging level—within the company and with external audiences. Involve looks at business and marketing relationships much in the same way as a healthy individual looks at personal relationships. We focus on attracting, creating and nurturing connections that drive action and create significant, longer-term success.

Memorable Experiences

People connect when a moment stands out to them. This can be as small as a social post that captures the imagination, as compelling as an integrated advertising campaign or as immersive as a retail environment that inspires at every step. We look at each project, each tactic, and each communication as an opportunity to engage individuals with memorable experiences—content that’s relevant, supportive, or encouraging on their personal journey.

Measurable Growth

Yes, a brand has to connect, engage, and inspire. But it also has to build and maintain momentum. Because at the end of the day, success demands sales conversion and ongoing loyalty. Involve is focused on delivering “Return on Momentum” (RoM), keeping the business, brands, and people in our care moving and performing at their very best and growing in measurable ways.

Mutual Celebrations

We are in the business of moving mountains. We look at all angles, find key insights and create powerful concepts that others miss. We translate strategic vision into tangible results, accelerating success for the businesses in our trusted care. Taking time to enjoy and celebrate those successes is key to maintaining the tenacity and energy it takes to continue driving great business, human and brand performance.

Leadership Team

Craig Lerner

& President

Agency Founder Craig Lerner has more than 30 years of experience as an agency owner, agency director and brand-side marketer. With an early focus on advertising and promotion for pharmaceutical and health care companies, Craig is also an expert in sports marketing and the sporting goods industry. He has a history of successfully promoting leading products, events and brands in these spaces.

Dave Schwantes

Agency Partner

Agency Partner David Schwantes leads Involve’s consumer insights and research practice. A key member of the brand strategy team, Dave brings extensive background in marketing research and strategy, brand building and brand equity management to clients in a wide range of industries. Dave is also a skilled reporter and an Executive in Residence at Capital University’s School of Management.

Michelle Moore

Agency Partner

Agency Partner Michelle Moore leads Involve’s public relations practice. An established media relations specialist, she brings 20 years of industry-related experience to the table and has helped companies and individuals increase awareness and business productivity, build market share, enhance customer loyalty and develop and penetrate target markets with memorable results.

Stacey Elicker

VP of Brand Engagement
& Digital Director

Stacey Elicker serves as Involve’s VP of Brand Engagement & Director of Digital Strategy. She has overseen digital strategy and execution for clients within many business sectors and focused her work in digital advertising for over 15 years. She has experience in the complete digital life cycle including; user experience & interface, SEO, digital marketing, coding and data analytics

Greg Niederlander

Director of Human Performance

A fitness and wellness industry insider with more than 30 years of experience, Greg understands how improved human performance translates into improved business performance. With a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and a number of coaching certifications, Greg is a personal performance specialist who is dedicated to empowering individuals and companies to be well and function optimally.

Our Services

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Strategic Planning

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Digital Marketing

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Being helpful, honest and human defines our culture.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We are mindful, focused on being helpful, honest and human. That’s how we’ve established lasting relationships, built a company where people want to work, and consistently created powerful marketing initiatives.

We are helpful

We are invested in our team, our communities and our clients. We support each other in both our professional and personal endeavors. We invest our time, energy and talents in the people and causes that are meaningful to us. And, of course, we’re always helping our clients succeed.

We are honest

In fact, we can be brutally honest and painfully direct. Because we know that’s the only way to get the best out of everyone—and for everyone. By telling it like it is, our entire team is empowered to take risks and shoot for the stars to deliver the best and smartest solutions.

We are human

At Involve, we treat every Involve team member, client and friend like family, with respect and courtesy. That allows everyone to be themselves and add their unique perspective, ideas and personality to our mix. In our minds, it’s the only way to engage with each other and help our brands engage with their audiences.

This isn’t a new way of thinking or a gut-reaction to the world around us. We believe this is the right way—and the best way—to do business, treat our people, and achieve success. And we always have.


Public Relations Account Manager

We are seeking a talented public relations account manager with integrated agency experience to provide strategic insight, execute multifaceted PR initiatives within integrated marketing campaigns, manage client relationships, and track results.

Digital Marketing Manager

We are looking for a passionate Digital Marketing Manager to provide strategic insight, execute paid digital campaigns, and oversee social media initiatives; including content creation and community management.

Account Manager

We are seeking an Account Manager who is eager to bring their experience and talent in integrated marketing communication and the craft of account service to the Involve team. Client perceptions of agency value depend on the level of consult and service offered through the Account Service team, so we expect you to rise to the challenge and deliver at the highest possible level.