Involve account manager Andrew King was recently featured on the ‘Fantasy Football School’ episode of the podcast ‘Cheated!’

In 2018, Andrew — who delivers success for Involve’s public relations clients — was a local news reporter in Columbus. He broke the news of a strange new high school and their heavyweight football schedule in a series of investigative articles for ThisWeek News and the Columbus Dispatch, but the story never found a wide audience.

More than three years later, the same football program had its 15 minutes of fame on the national stage and Bishop Sycamore became a household name. Suddenly, Andrew’s investigation and history covering the story were in demand, and he co-authored a book chronicling the rise and fall of the fascinating program, set to release this fall. Before the book’s September release date, we’re keeping track of Andrew’s media appearances, which will include podcasts, articles, documentaries and more.

At Involve, our team doesn’t just stay on one side of the mediasphere, they participate actively in the media as content creators, experts and even investigative journalists from time to time. We’re proud to treat our teammates as humans first, allowing them to reach new personal and professional heights along the way.

You can preorder Friday Night Lies now! Make sure to also stay up to date with the news on our blog and follow Andrew on LinkedIn and Twitter.