We’ve just launched new Human Performance Coaching services aimed at helping organizations maximize business performance through maximizing human performance. 

In order for businesses to be successful, we believe the human element within a company must be functioning at its very best. The agency approaches all work with a unique human-driven method, so it was only natural to add Human Performance Coaching to its list of client services. This new offering will help business leaders empower team members to bring their best selves to work—and home—each day. 

The connection audiences have with a brand is only as good as the connection a business’ team members have with a brand. To coincide with the launch, we’ve hired fitness and performance veteran Greg Niederlander to lead the initiative through his role as their Business & Human Performance Manager. Greg is a fitness industry insider and human performance expert with more than 30 years of experience and applies his subject matter knowledge, leadership and coaching expertise to every project and client challenge.

“It is unique for a company to have a staff coach leading how the team performs to the best of their abilities…in the healthiest and most productive way…for the benefit of self and company. We have been seeing the results for ourselves.” states Craig Lerner, Founder & President of Involve. “Greg is a pillar in the fitness community and a combination of coaching and corporate experience makes him a unique and perfect solution for internal and external performance. Our clients already see themselves as part of our community and culture. This will be an exciting extension of the relationship.”

As the leader of Involve Human Performance Solutions, Greg understands how improved human performance translates into improved business performance. With a master’s degree in Exercise Science and a number of coaching certifications, Niederlander is a personal performance specialist who is dedicated to empowering individuals and companies to be well and function optimally.

Greg has already been quite busy working on initiatives for our clients like The American Council on Exercise the leading nonprofit exercise professional and health coach certification organization and SportsArt a pioneer in sustainable fitness equipment for more than 40 years.  

Whether it’s delivering C-suite coaching, seminar workshops, lectures or experiential events, we help create customized solutions with specific organizational goals and growth objectives in mind to strengthen leadership, teamwork, and performance.