Have you ever questioned whether it’s possible for one media hit to have lasting effects on your brand? For Involve partner and public relations expert Michelle Moore, one recurring story ensures that she’ll never question that principle. 

Moore was recently interviewed for an episode of the Wall Street Journal’s “As We Work” podcast, which was released on Valentine’s Day. Titled Love on the Job: A Valentine’s Day Guide to Office Romance, the episode features stories of professionals and their experiences mixing work and personal relationships. 

For Moore, this means reflecting on her ex-husband, a fellow creative and colleague both before and after the couple’s divorce.

The topic may seem like a tricky one to tackle — it can be challenging to openly discuss your personal life, especially when talking to the Wall Street Journal. But for Moore, the conversation is nothing new. In fact, it’s been popping up for a dozen years. 

The first time Moore was asked to share her story was way back in 2010, when a blog called The Age asked her to share her thoughts for a very similar story: how had she been able to coexist in the workplace with her ex husband? “We actually make a great team professionally,” she said at the time, in summary. 

For many, being named by a blog would be one of the more public-facing experiences of their career. But for Moore, this story was simply a drop in the bucket. Not only is she the partner of an award-winning creative agency, she is Mrs. Ohio America 2002, an author, a board member, a model and more. She had no shortage of searchable qualities. 

But this was a story that continues to resonate with people.

In the years that followed the blog’s 2010 release, she found her story regularly popping up all around the internet, sometimes with new content but largely with recycled quotes from that original story. Her interview found its way to Today, Forbes, Huffington Post and beyond. It was never a problem for Moore, however, because she was always happy with her story’s message: working with an ex doesn’t have to be awful. In fact, it can be healthy!

What made this feature connect with so many? Why was Moore’s individual tale such a relatable, interesting and useful story? 

At Involve, we’re not surprised. Because our Partner’s story matches our organization’s core values: being helpful, honest and human.

Her story continues to help people navigate a challenging dynamic. It was an honest representation of her own experience. And nothing is more human than that. That’s how we approach all of our relationships, projects and goals here at Involve. 

So be sure to listen to the latest retelling of Moore’s great story, and remember that when you’re working with Involve, you’re working with an agency that doesn’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.