Leadership is one of the most fundamentally important tools for an organization’s success. Although leadership can be interpreted in many ways, Coach Greg Niederlander shares three key elements of leadership and how he believes they should be lived out within an organization:

Self Leadership: An individual’s ability to be self-aware and utilize effective thinking skills in order to take care of themselves.

Team Leadership: An individual’s ability to develop and foster quality relationships that demonstrate care and value for each unique individual.

Business Leadership: An individual’s ability to contribute toward the culture and overall growth of a human-driven organization.

By breaking down leadership into these three categories, an organization can ensure that team members are working toward not only the performance of the business, but also the performance of themselves as professionals within the business. Without focusing on individual success of team members, it is impossible for an organization to succeed at large. That is what Coach Greg’s human performance solutions are all about: improving the leadership capability of team members within an organization in order to improve overall business performance no matter its size, location or industry.

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