In expanding our portfolio of international fitness clients (and clients with fabulous accents), Involve has partnered with FunXtion, a European leader in interactive digital fitness technology that brings the physical gym and digital experience seamlessly together for an enhanced member journey, already works with some of the most well-loved fitness facilities in 23 countries worldwide and now is expanding into the US.

Co-founded in 2011 by fitness industry insiders Ernst de Neef and Mendel Witzenhausen to help club operators create more relevant member experiences through technology, FunXtion develops wrap-around, customized, complete digital fitness solutions to optimize club operations. With a range of custom-branded, pre-recorded workout content, virtual classes and a streaming platform, FunXtion has a variety of solutions that benefit the club operator, trainer and member, alike.

“For fitness consumers, there has been a growing gap between the physical gym experience and their digital expectations. One that COVID-19 exposed to a greater degree and deepened. Which, given our expertise, has sky-rocketed demand for our services. We come from the fitness industry, so we understand the needs of the club operator and the member. Simultaneously, our technology roots run deep. This strong foundation in both worlds enables us to develop effective fit-tech solutions that bridge the divide,” said Ernst de Neef, FunXtion co-founder. “More than ever, it’s vital to a club’s survival to deliver playful, energizing, challenging, high-quality fitness experiences members can access conveniently whether they are in the club, at home, or on the go.” 

In fact, with the sudden pandemic-related gym closures and now phased re-openings, FunXtion is working with club operators around the clock and around the world, helping to enhance and enrich their digital offerings through a platform (both software and in club solutions) that can easily be white-labelled and club-branded. Developed with an open API and easily connectable to many club management systems, software includes FunXtion Virtual, the FunXtion App, and the new Online Coaching. And, FunXtion In Club includes interactive screens and kiosks such as the FunXtion Multiscreen, FunXtion 22i, and the soon-to-launch FunXtion Virtual Player.

FunXtion’s newest product, its Online Coaching Tool, is a white-label or FunXtion branded feature of the app and is also available as an integration to any club’s existing app. Online Coaching provides high quality content for 24/7 connection between the member and club with training plans, workouts, nutrition plans, calendars, appointment booking, progress tracking, notifications and more. Ultimately, all FunXtion products create immersive, interactive digital fitness experiences tailored to the needs of the fitness facility to help them unlock the digital potential of each member through relevant 24/7 connection. 

From independent gyms and boutiques, to small, midsize, large and international chains FunXtion has worked with fitness facilities of all sizes including PureGym, GoodLIfe and AnyTime Fitness among others. 

“We’re excited to begin supporting clubs in the US – one of the world’s most important fitness markets – preparing them for a more blended future, where membership extends beyond the four walls of the club,” said Mendel Witzenhausen, co-founder, FunXtion. “More than selling a solution, we are consultative throughout the digital transformation process. We think with our clients to define a vision and strategy to capitalize on their environment, member base and existing technology. It’s by enhancing and enriching the current digital offering or co-creating the right digital offering, that we help clubs successfully make this important digital evolution to meet today’s demands and be ready for whatever the future holds.” 


About FunXtion

As a world-class health digital fitness company, founded by Ernst de Neef and Mendel Witzenhausen in 2011, FunXtion aims to transform the health and fitness industry by delivering tailor-made content and intelligence solutions. FunXtion’s interactive digital ecosystem offers unique insights, high-quality content and connectivity, not only to the club owners but also to the fitness teams and end-users. 

The fitness market is evolving, and the digital revolution has begun. FunXtion is at the front of this revolution ready to support clubs by offering an ecosystem that can be tailored based on their needs. The FunXtion platform contains over 150 virtual classes, hundreds of different workouts and over 2000+ single exercises, with continuous updates, features and new monthly trainings. FunXtion can be found in over 23 countries and expanding rapidly worldwide.